Final album in a series of concept ambient albums by gloppaddagloppadda - (recorded from 2006 to 2018) 'Intravene' - 'Coming To' - 'Daily Grind' - 'Chi' - and now...

'Hypnagogia' explores the state between dream and drowsiness that can combine all kinds of imagined and real images from our memory or from sheer invention. The inspiration for this recording is a natural symbiosis in the work methods of gloppaddagloppadda and the Hastings fine artist - Alvaro Petritoli.

As gloppaddagloppadda utilise random influences, either from natural, environmental or processed sound, so the outcome is somewhat beyond prediction - Alvaro Petritoli's working process employs chemicals, household substances and natural elements to find results unavailable through conventional fine art mediums and methods.

For this recording, gloppaddagloppadda fuse together used and unused sounds and stems from all previous albums; also from the arts installation 'ShadowLands II' and some passages from the soon to be released solo album 'Spokes Of A Buckled Wheel' by Kendal Eaton. It incorporates treated classical refrains with un-scripted improvised drama featuring actresses Gilly Daniels and the unknown wonderful Jayne Parrington (entire track of untreated dialogue appearing on 'Spokes Of A Buckled Wheel' see extra track 7); and poignant expressions from a free-flowing mental health discussion (with kind permission from Manic Depression Fellowship, Burnley) on the question 'Do you have to love yourself to be loved?'.  From this we derive sonic landscapes blended with ethereal, architectural, bizarre, cosmic and micro-cosmic environments.

All artwork courtesy Alvaro Petritoli, with much appreciation. Titles by Kendal Eaton for Sounding Off UK.

(video is a sample of 3 merged tracks: animated by Kendal Eaton for Sounding Off UK & gloppaddagloppadda)

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5 high quality mp3 tracks + 2 extra tracks; front & rear covers

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